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Books By David Gregor

Hundred Waters: A Dangerous Journey into the Heart of a Man

A major new literary work by the author of the classic coming of age novel, In Different Times.

In 1967, eighteen year old, Morse-code operator, Eddie Carr, is assigned to an army listening post in Panama. What he finds there changes his life. When his closest friend, Harry Miles, goes missing deep in the jungle, Eddie follows. And soon Eddie's quest to save Harry turns into Eddie's battle against the powerful forces of the jungle to save his own life. The madness and poetry of Hundred Waters takes the reader on a journey into one man's encounter with the power of place and the uncertainties of self.

David Gregor’s unswerving vision of what it means to confront one's fears and destiny is once again demonstrated in Hundred Waters, the long awaited sequel to In Different Times.

In Hundred Waters, David Gregor employs a documentary form to piece together the continuing story of Eddie Carr as he explores his own identity on the gritty streets and in the threatening jungles of revolution-torn Panama in 1969.

Hundred Waters delivers its powerful punch on many levels. It is a story of youth and the often painful journey to manhood. At the same time it is a tale of love and friendship and the price we pay for each. Interwoven are searing and sometimes poignant inner revelations that paint a surreal glimpse into the kind of madness that can lead to self-realization.

Told with uncommon honesty, Hundred Waters is a real-life journey into the darkness that only fractured innocence knows. It is the story of a search for that place where each life changes.

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In Different Times: A Fictional Memoir

Set in the Pacific Northwest during the summer of 1966, this story follows nineteen-year-old Eddie Carr and his friends through the last turbulent summer of their adolescence.

Montana writer William Kittredge called In Different Times “A vivid heartbreaking story about youth and the end of youth, war and love.”

Author Jim Heynen wrote that In Different Times was “packed with adventure and...unforgettable characters who have the unmistakable ring of the authentic. The book reminds me of Steinbeck and the best of realistic American fiction….”

Trade Paperback $10.95

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Variations on all the Perfect Things: Poems

From waiting in plastic chairs, to putting a brother in a clothes dryer. From blue Parisian rooms, to the sun shining on a Spanish onion field. And from the reflections of dying Emperor Tong, to a man in a Los Angeles coffee shop worried about his soul--David Gregor's poems are micro stories illuminating the world without and the world within.

Signed and numbered Limited Edition hardback $25.00

Trade paperback $10.95

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