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Calvino, Italo.
Six Memos for The Next Millenium.
A Fine tight copy in a Fine bright unclipped dust jacket. Calvino was one of the world's best storytellers and in 1985 he prepared a series of lectures on the making of literature. Published her for the first time, Calvino pinpoints for future generations the six universal values he believed were critical to the appreciation of literature. These values include: 'lightness', 'quickness', 'exactitude', 'visibility', 'multiplicity' and 'consistency.' Together these memos to writers of the future provide is with Calvino's eloquent 'defense of literature.'

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Fisher, M.F.K.
Long Ago in France: The Years in Dijon.
A Fine tight copy in a Fine bright price-clipped dust jacket. At the age of 21 and newly married, Ms. Fisher arrived in Dijon, the gastronomical capital of France, as Europe was inching its way towards a second world war. She writes affectionately here of her loss of innocence in both life and regarding food and experienced first hand the city's love of excess especially when it comes to food. Her experiences in Dijon would have a lasting effect on her personally and professionally as a writer with a passion for food.

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Garcia Marquez, Gabriel.
Of Love and Other Demons.
A Fine copy in a Fine dust jacket. On her twelfth birthday, Sierva Maria – the only child of a decaying noble family in an eighteenth-century South American seaport – is bitten by a rabid dog. Believed to be possessed, she is brought to a convent for observation. And into her cell stumbles Father Cayetano Delaura, who has already dreamed about a girl with hair trailing after her like a bridal train. As he tends to her with holy water and sacramental oils, Delaura feels something shocking begin to occur. He has fallen in love – and it is not long until Sierva Maria joins him in his fevered misery. Of Love and Other Demons is an evocative, majestic tale of the most universal experiences known to woman and man.

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Garcia Marquez, Gabriel.
The General in His Labyrinth.
A Fine tight unread copy in a Fine bright dust jacket. In this novel, Marquez recuses the great Simon Bolivar from mythology and shows him as the Liberator, the dreamer by a vision of of South America free from Spanish domination. The story is told in the framework of a seven month voyage down the Magdalena River from Bogota to the sea and the pressures Bolivar experienced from war, passion, triumph and treachery.

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Twain, Mark.
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
A Fine copy in a Fine dust jacket.

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[Cookery] Roberts, Michael.
Secret Ingredients: The Magical Process of Combining Flavors.
A Fine copy in a Fine unclipped dust jacket. There are no such things as secrets in the kitchenbut there are secret ingredients, those ingredients that are not tasted but would be missed if they were omitted. The key to using these wonderful flavor-highlighting techniques is found in nearly 200 extraordinary recipes such as Lamb with Blue Cheese, Jalapeños and Port; and Warm Scallop and Watercress Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette.

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[Edible Plants] Barash, Cathy Wilkinson.
Edible Flowers: From Garden to Palate.
A Fine tight copy in a Fine dust jacket. The author offers a more than generous anthology of ideas for bringing together flowers and foods at the table. The book is not recipes only. Barash also includes information about the etymological history of plant names, the plants' growing habits, how to cultivate them, identify them in the wild and gather them for eventual use in the kitchen. She makes an admirable effort to provide inventive and appealing offerings. "Candied Pea Blossoms on Salmon Toast Points," for example, lays 20 pea flowers on an array of toast slices; clover finds its way into biscuits and pickles; lavender goes into soup, chutney, cookies, ice creams and fish dishes. The author also includes a list of poisonous plants and flowers, along with a generous bibliography.

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[James Joyce] Beckett, Samuel, Marcel Brion, Frank Budgen Eugene Jolas et al.
Our Exagminination Round His Factification for Incamination of Work in Progress.
A Very Good plus copy in plain paper binding with a tiny chip to the front cover fore edge. This is one of a reported 200 copies. This publication by Sylvia Beach through her Shakespeare and Company .is a critical assessment of James Joyce's work in progress Finnegan's Wake. The twelve contributors include Samuel Beckett's first appearance in print Marcel Brion, Frank Budgen, Stuart Gilbert, Eugene Jolas, Victor Llona, Robert McAlmon, Thomas McGreevy, Elliot Paul, John Rodker, Robert Sage, and William Carlos Williams. Included are two letters one of which is reputed to be written by Joyce. Joyce's biographer, Richard Ellmann calls this collection the "first apologia" for "Finnegan's Wake."

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[Literary Essays] Stevens, Wallace.
The Necessary Angel: Essays on Reality and the Imagination.
A Fine copy in a Near Fine unclipped dust jacket with toning to the extremities. In this collection of essays, the poet Wallace Stevens reflects upon his art. His aim is not to produce a work of criticism or philosophy, or a mere discussion of poetic technique. As he explains in his introduction, his ambition in these various pieces, published in different times and places, aimed higher than that, in the direction of disclosing “poetry itself, the naked poem, the imagination manifesting itself in its domination of words.” Stevens proves himself as eloquent and scintillating in prose as in poetry, as he both analyzes and demonstrates the essential act of repossessing reality through the imagination.

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[Literary Magazines] Joost, Nicholas.
Scofield Thayer and The Dial: An Illustrated History.
A Very Good copy in a Good Plus unclipped dust jacket with a long internally tape repaired tear to the front panel, small piece missing from the head of the spine and edge wear. From the end of World War One until the great Crash of 1929, The Dial was the most distinguished monthly literary magazine in the U.S. to champion modern artistic movements. This historical study of the magazine analyises the literary and artistic movements of the twenties and The Dial's impact on those movements.

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[Literature] Joyce, James.
Finnegans Wake.
A Near Fine copy lacking the dust jacket. Joyce's last great work, it is not comprised of many borrowed styles, like Ulysses, but, rather, formulated as one dense, tongue-twisting soundscape. This 'language' is based on English vocabulary and syntax but, at the same time, self-consciously designed to function as a pun machine with an astonishing capacity for resisting singularity of meaning. Announcing a 'revolution of the word', this astonishing book amounts to a powerfully resonant cultural critique - a unique kind of miscommunication which, far from stabilizing the world in meaning, constructs a universe radically unfixed by a wild diversity of possibilities and potentials. It also remains the most hilarious, 'obscene', book of innuendos ever to be imagined.

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[Shakespeare] Levi, Peter.
The Life and Times of William Shakespeare.
A Fine tight copy with a previous owner name in a Fine dust jacket. This authoritative and extremely readable biography is the first since the Victorian Age to pay full attention to Shakespeare's life and times and their numerous subtle connections to his works. Peter Levi emphasizes the background of Shakespeare's life: the local and national events that shaped his experiences, his family and friends, and the Elizabethan people with whom he shared his life and populated his plays. Bringing together new research and new discoveries and reexamining the famous legends about Shakespeare, Levi uses the writings of modern historians to shed light on the poet's life.

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