Major General Holger N. Toftoy: Photographs. Space Program.

Major General Holger N. Toftoy: Photographs.

This small black and white photograph of General Toftoy measures approximeately 2.5" by 4" . In addition, there is a supplied second black & white photograph of Toftoy with four other members of the Army Ballistic Missle Agency which includes Hermann Oberth and Werhner von Braun. Included with the photographs is a piece of paper signed by Toftoy. In 1944, Toftoy became Chief of the Army Ordnance Technical Intelligence teams assigned to Europe to seek out and evaluate captured enemy Ordnance weapons and equipment. During this time a series of historic events occurred that have had a profound effect upon the U.S. missile and apace programs.
The technical intelligence teams were asked to make a full report on and send home specimens of two of the most spectacular German weapons of the war, the V-1 and V-2 rockets. These weapons were developed by a group of scientists under direction of Dr. Wernher von Braun at Peenemunde. While the search was underway for these rockets an assistant to Toftoy, MAJ James P. Hamill, made contact with Dr. von Braun and members of the Peenemunde team who had retreated to the Harz Mountains in advance of the Allied armies.
Toftoy knew the U.S. Army was planning to add guided missiles to its weapons program. He first cabled, then went personally to Washington to recommend that the German scientists be brought to the U.S. for interrogation and possible employment. By September 1945, the first group of scientists, including von Braun, had arrived in the U.S. Toftoy was then transferred back to Washington and assigned responsibility for direction of the Army guided missile program.
In 1952, Toftoy was assigned to Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, as Director of the Ordnance Missile Laboratories, which was responsible for planning, technical control and supervision of what had become the nation-wide Army guided missile and rocket development program.
Within two years, Redstone Arsenal had become recognized as one of the Army's most important technical centers, and General Toftoy, first as a Brigadier General, then as Major General in command of Redstone Arsenal, had laid the foundation of today's huge complex. Item #19103

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