Test Pilot Signed Photograph, David G. Simons.

This 8 x 10 black & white photograph of Simons show him inside a balloon capsule wearing his flight suit and is Signed "David G. Simons, Lt. Col. USAF MC." Together with a typed letter on USAF School of Aerospace Medicine stationary thanking the recipient for requesting an autographed picture and is Signed, David G. Simons."

Lt. Colonel David Simons was one of three men involved in Project Manhigh to determine the effects of high altitude elements on future space travelers. Project Manhigh was established in December 1955 to obtain scientific data on the behavior of a balloon in an environment above 99 percent of the earth's atmosphere and to investigate cosmic rays and their effects on man. Three balloon flights to the edge of space were made during the program: Manhigh I to 97,000 feet, by Capt. Joseph Kittinger on June 2, 1957; Manhigh II to 101,516 feet by Maj. David Simons on Aug. 19-20, 1957; and Manhigh III to 98,000 feet by Lt. Clifton McClure on Oct, 8, 1958.

The pressurized capsule on display at the museum was used by Maj. Simons on his 32-hour flight to 101,516 feet, thereby establishing an altitude record for manned balloons. Including the pilot and scientific equipment carried aboard, the total weight of the Manhigh II gondola was 1,648 pounds. At maximum altitude, the balloon expanded to a 200-foot diameter with a volume in excess of 3,000,000 cubic feet. Item #19122

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