Berlin: The Twenties. The 1920s, Rainer Metzger, Christian Brandstatter.

Berlin: The Twenties.

New York: Abrams, 2007. First Printing of the First US Edition. A Near Fine copy with a slight cock to the binding in a Fine dust jacket. In the brief years between the twentieth century's two cataclysmic world wars, the modern metropolis was invented in Berlin. Life in Berlin was a cabaret, and Marlene Dietrich, Thomas Mann, Alfred Einstein, or Joseph Goebbels might be seated at the next table. The avant-garde thrived there. The mass media magnified the impact of everything from fads to political ideas. Subcultures and club cultures nurtured gender-bending fashions and lifestyles. Architects and designers struggled to free themselves from the past. In the background beat the new rhythms of urban experience: the coming and going of the latest planes and trains and automobiles, the clacking of typewriters in vast offices, the jazz band that never sleeps. Berlin: The Twenties is a book for history buffs, travelers, and lovers of modern art and design. Berlin, a haunting vision of the twentieth century's first modern city, is a cultural history filled with 400 shockingly fresh and romantic photographs, paintings, and other images. Item #26800

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