Item #28118 Notes of a Dirty Old Man. Charles Bukowski.

Notes of a Dirty Old Man.

San Francisco: City Lights Books, 1973. First Printing of the City Lights edition. A Near Fine copy, with no writing or marking to the text. Bukowski uses his own life as the plot of this series and leaves nothing out. The different stories range from hooking up with a stranger's wife who invited him over for dinner to admire his work, to debating with other authors of the underground newspaper. Bukowski goes through life and each event without caring about what might be the consequence of his actions. He is almost always alone aside from the occasional prostitute that he invites over. A few times, generous people who admire his writings will allow him to stay with them rent free. He does not understand why people enjoy his writings so much. As soon as he starts to get too close to these families or hosts he will leave without notice and go on to find a new place to stay. Bukowski does whatever he wants when he wants without wondering what people might think of him. However he does mention that he does not want readers to feel sorry for him which is why he includes crude comedy along with each story. Every step of his journey he always has some type of alcohol with him that allows him to be as carefree as he is. Whether he is drinking while writing his stories and poetry, or showing up to work and meetings already drunk, every story incorporates his vigorous drinking habits because it is such a large part of his life. Item #28118
ISBN: 0872860744

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